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Tiny, mountable action cams make it effortless to catch yourself doing a variety of things without relying upon another individual to hold the camera. The Cheap FPV Drones also intends to perform exactly the same by freeing you from the requirement to get a pilot.

And Staaker can perform this while flying at around 50 mph (80 kph).

Fundamentally, you strap onto a watertight tracker/controller, unfold the drone's arms, then join a GoPro Hero3 or Hero4 into its 3-axis gimbal in the front, start it and have it accompany you while you ski or surf or anything. The business states that the drone will probably have five distinct follow manners so that you can place it in any angle and correct its distance from you.

Actually, the Staaker appears and seems awfully much like this best Cheap FPV Drones minus the Staaker's guaranteed AI features as well as the functionality differences recorded in the graph above. The Cheap FPV drone has programmed modes for various sports like surfing, mountain biking and wakeboarding, nevertheless, and it is available now for $1,599 around Amazon (approximately AU$2,100 or #1,200).

Preorders for your Staaker are put at $1,195 for your drone, watertight tracker and a traveling case, even though it will not ship till December (supposing there aren't any production issues, of course). That converts to approximately AU$2,382 or 1,235 for the preorder -- also such as the Cheap FPV Drones, that cost does not contain the GoPro camera.

GoPro's very own Cheap FPV racing Drones can be anticipated this autumn. Without a pricing and no actual details about it yet, there is no telling whether the Karma will possess comparable auto-follow qualities to the Staaker. But, I would be amazed if it does not.